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Michael N. Albanes AIA


Syracuse University, Bachelor of Architecture, 1974
Washington University, Master's Program, Architecture, 1973-74

Architect: 1982 Colorado; 1986 Arizona; 1987 Virginia; 1988 Maryland, 1994 Texas

summary of experience

Mr. Albanes is a registered, professional, architect with 29 years project experience in architectural design, planning, programming, management, and marketing and construction observation. His experience includes institutional, commercial, retail and residential design, technical writing, computer simulations, feasibility studies, landscape architecture, security, renovations, historic preservation, and teaching. He has consulted on energy conscious, sustainable building design and solar energy applications. His government experience ranges from managing one of this nation's largest energy retrofit, revolving loan programs to a $500,000,000 dollar Prospectus Development Study of the Patent and Trademarks Office for GSA.

work history

Michael N. Albanes, Architect; Austin, TX. 6/94 -- Present
Architecture, Planning and Consulting for Commercial and Residential Clients. Commercial Projects include an Office/Warehouse Business Park, Restaurant/Bar Design, and tenant space planning/finish services. Provided core and shell services for several office buildings and shopping centers undergoing major renovations for code compliance and market positioning, indoor air quality, energy conservation, and life safety. Institutional projects includes an interactive amphitheater environment and multi-media classrooms with video teleconferencing for the Army Medical Dept., Ft. Sam Houston, San Antonio, TX. Provided Master Planning for the Tejas Council of Camp Fire and the Lottery Commission with the Center Maximum Potential Building Systems. Residential Design Projects include custom homes and addition/remodels with “green building” considerations emphasizing sustainability and regionalism. Other services include simulating building energy performance. Recent work includes two Charter / Preparatory School campuses for Southwest Winner Foundation, San Antonio,TX. and two buildings for Lake Hills Church, Austin, Tx.

Texas State Energy Conservation Office, Austin, TX. 9/93 -- 7/94
Manager, LoanSTAR Program and State Agencies Program with responsibilities for metering and monitoring the construction of $90 million in energy conservation retrofits statewide, while trying to integrate building energy codes, telecommuting, performance contracting, and water conservation initiatives to attain a sustainable, "Green," Texas.

Michael N. Albanes, Architect; Washington D.C. and Denver, CO 1/92 -- 9/93
Full-Service Architecture and Planning for Government and Private Clients. Feasibility Studies for U.S. Court Houses in San Diego, CA.; Reno, NV.; and Eugene, OR. Landscape Plan in Parker, CO. performed as an independent architect. Update prototype "Store of the Future" with STORCADD for the U.S. Postal Service. Roof Replacement Feasibility Study at Forest Glen Section, Walter Reed Army Medical Center for the Army Corp. of Engineers, and nationwide design review and consultation on concurrent Post Office designs integrating "Store" concepts as a consultant for Burt Hill Kosar Rittelmann Associates (BHKRA). Also, while at BHKRA served as the Project Manager for the first phase of the Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technologies in Washington, D.C. Consultant with the Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems to the State of Texas, General Services Commission and Apple Computer to incorporate sustainable building design concepts into major facilities and architectural/engineering guidelines.

Leo A. Daly Co., Washington D.C. 11/89 -- 1/92
Deputy Director of the Support Management Contract to the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts for Facilities Management responsibilities included fee negotiations and management of multiple consultants and project teams. The previous assignment was Project Manager for the Prospectus Development Study for the Patent and Trademarks Office (a 3 Million Sq. Ft. effort). As Senior Project Architect on Design and Production Teams responsibilities range from schematic design and cost estimation of a United Airlines Flight Kitchen to design and production of two retail store additions to shopping centers. Other projects include design studies and contract documents for regional shopping centers and preparation for design development and contract documents for The Challenger Center, a joint venture with CRSS to build a space exploration, education and exhibit center with offices for a national private foundation. Design and quality assurance was provided for two daycare centers for the Social Security Administration.

Gauthier, Alvarado, & Associates, Falls Church, Virginia 3/89 -- 10/89
Project Architect for the Renewal and Addition to Herndon High School (300,000 sq.ft., 2,000 students) responsibilities include design, programming, cost estimation, interviews, computer-aided design organization and implementation, management and extensive engineering coordination.

SAIC Architects, McLean, Virginia 5/87 -- 2/89
Project Architect responsible for a team of technicians and quality control on the following projects: 1) Preparation of field surveys, survey reports, and contract documents for the U.S. Dept. of State, Bureau of Diplomatic Security coordinating design and engineering of a security upgrade of the U.S. Embassy and four Consulates in Australia. 2) Design and contract documents for an 11,000 sq.ft. Day Care Facility for Schering-Plough in NJ Designed of a 27,000 sq.ft. day care center. Quality Control and CD revisions for the CIA's Day Care Center. 3) Produced drawings analyzing functions and security for Arata Isozaki's Gymnasium for the 1992 Olympics, Barcelona. 4) Design and C.D.'s for a Nevada FM relay station.

Mushinsky, Reshefsky + Associates, Bethesda, Maryland 7/86 -- 5/87
Project Manager/Project Architect - Responsible for design and production. A townhouse renovation with extensive interior detailing, kitchen/bathrooms details, engineering coordination and on-site supervision. Small office building for a contractor required provisions for a future second floor. A lobby remodel project entailed designing cost savings into an extensive marble tile installation with requirements for the facade, the interior floors and walls with sophisticated lighting features. Upgraded existing apartments for 2,000 people with substantial design of landscape and paving, site lighting, laundry, and lobby interiors.

Michael N. Albanes Associates, Denver, Colorado 6/80 -- 7/86
Principal -- created an architecture firm that emphasized passive solar design and energy conscious consulting in residential, commercial and institutional projects. He produced architectural drawings and designs for each project and developed expertise in computer simulation of building energy use. The Robinson Brick Co. Office and Warehouse design project allowed complete involvement in programming, feasibility studies, site planning, landscape architecture, traffic analysis, contractor selection, cost estimation, construction administration, interior design, and furnishing orders. Another warehouse was eventually renovated into offices for the firm using the experience from designing the original buildings on a fastrack basis. Other projects include: retail stores, a small office building, many new homes and addition/remodels, a feasibility study to renovate an historic dormitory/classroom building, and engineering energy analysis liaison for a University Business College. Worked with Dar al-Islam, Abiquiu, NM on Hassan Fathy’s design for community center/school. Responsible for marketing, management, and design, Mr. Albanes developed the practice into a firm with a reputation for innovation and client service.

Rogers, Nagel, Langhart Inc. (R.N.L.), Denver, Colorado 10/77 -- 6/80
Project Architect/Manager - Helped establish the Energy Conservation Alternatives Center (ECAC) for the Colorado Office of Energy Conservation. Worked with various energy agencies including the: Solar Energy Research Institute, U.S. Dept. of Energy, and Colorado Energy Research Institute developed energy audits and building studies for presentation to building owner representatives of: college campuses, department stores, nursing homes, and apartment buildings. Co-authored and designed the book Energy You Can Bank On about energy audits and conservation. Conducted a major energy use study of the commercial/ industrial sectors of Boulder, Co. for their Comprehensive Community Energy Management Plan (CCEMP) funded by Argonne National Lab. and the Dept. of Energy. The work resulted in policy recommendations acted on by City Council. Designed a building to house heat transfer experiments at a SERI Test Facility.

AIA Research Corporation (AIA/RC), Washington, D.C. 12/75 -- 10/77
Research Associate - Researched solar design and energy conservation for the AIA/RC. Activities included creation of a manual of practice for the design of solar dwelling, the evaluation of U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development Solar Residential Demonstration Projects, the design and production of a descriptive summary of the first cycle of demonstration projects, and the collection of data necessary to develop the National Building Energy Performance Standards (BEPS).

University of Maryland, Campus Planning, College Park, Md. 8/75 -- 12/75
Draftsman - Space planning and as-built record drawings of facilities.

Wildwood Enterprises, Washington, D.C. 5/75 -- 6/75
Special Assistant to Production Director - On-Location coordination of scenic requirements for the movie "All the President's Men."

11/30/2004 2
American Institute of Architects
US Green Builder Council
International Solar Energy Society, American Solar Energy Society and the Texas Solar Energy Society
Austin Green Builders Program
awards and media
Published: The Denver Post, Rocky Mountain News, Solar Age, Professional Builder, and Daily Journal
Awards Brick Institute of America, Region 12, Award of Merit for Residential Design, 1983 & Reynolds Aluminum Prize, Washington University, 1974
LEEDs Accredited Professional, US Green Builder Council. 2004
AutoCAD 13 Professional Level I Certificate. 1995
Continuing Education: Indoor Air Quality, Stand-Alone Photovoltaic System Design, Energy Use Monitoring
Qualified Special Inspector of Structural Masonry, 1986
Certified Energy Auditor, State of Colorado, 1979
Solar Engineering Certificates: U. of Colorado - 1977, Colorado State U. - 1977, U. of Maryland - 1975
selected publications and presentations
“Renew America”, Wichita Falls, TX. 1997.
Co-Author w/ Pliny Fisk, & Gail Vittori, “Overlaying Sustainability Issues on the Design Process”, Energy Efficient Buildings Association Conference Proceedings, 1994.
Author, "A Passive Solar Ranch for the Mass Market", International Solar Energy Society, Annual Meeting - Proceedings, 1981
Author, "Commercial & Industrial Energy Use Study: City of Boulder Comprehensive Community Energy Management Plan, 1981
Co-Author, Making Cents of Your Energy Dollar, U.S. Dept. of Energy, 1979
Co-Author, Energy You Can Bank On, Energy Conservation Alternative Center, 1978
Moderator/Editor; "The Future Governing of Urban Spaces", American Association for the Advancement of Science, Annual Meeting - Proceedings, 1978
Author/Editor, A Manual of Practice for the Design of Solar Energy Systems, AIA/RC, 1977
Co-Author, Descriptive Summary of HUD Solar Residential Demonstration - Cycle I, U.S. Dept. of Housing & Urban Development, 1977
Lecturer, University of Colorado, Denver; Architecture Dept., Fall 1985, "Energy Analysis 752"
Lecturer, University of Colorado, Boulder; Civil Engineering Dept., Fall 1979, "Energy Conscious Design for Buildings and Communities 749"
Lecturer, Northern Virginia Community College, Spring '77, "Solar Energy for Homeowners"
computer skills
CAD: IntelliCAD, AutoCAD, Cascade, Intergraph, GDS.
Energy Analysis: TRACE, ASEAM 3.0, DoE 2
Spreadsheet: Excel, Lotus 123, QuattroPro, ABC
Word Processing: Word, WordPerfect, Mass-11
Other: QuickSchedule, Timeline, DBaseIV,

Michael N. Albanes AIA
Project descriptions by type of work
Mr. Albanes has experience in programming, design, production supervision, specification writing, construction observation, management and marketing. The following are representative projects by type:
Institutions, Schools, and Government

Lake Hills Church, San Antonio, TX. Construction administration services on a 4650 sq.ft. education building and a 4100 sq.ft. andministration building with design architect Overland Partners.
Charter Schools: Southwest Preparatory School – Northeast Campus, San Antonio, TX. Two-Story, 19,600 sq.ft. first phase on a 3.5 acre new campus with expansion plans for a multi-purpose space and alternative school. Southwest

Preparatory School – Southeast Campus, San Antonio, TX. One-Story, 9,200 sq.ft. classroom building and 1750 sq.ft. cafeteria/breakroom building constructed of manufactured off-site components on a 3.0 acre site with repair and renovation plans to convert an exist church into teaching and administrative space. 1999-2003.

Manager, LoanSTAR Program and State Agencies Program for the Texas State Energy Conservation Office. with responsibilities for metering and monitoring the construction of $90 million in energy conservation retrofits statewide, while trying to integrate building energy codes, telecommuting, performance contracting, and water conservation initiatives. 1993-94.

Project Manager and Design Consultant for a Task Order Contract with Burt Hill Kosar Rittelmann to the U.S. Postal Service to update the STORCADD software and integrate "store" concepts into Post Offices nationwide. Conducted an extensive feasibility study of the Forest Glen Annex of the Walter Reed Army Medical Center with emphasis on preserving an historic landmark. Managed design and fastrack construction of a Museum for Renewable Energy. 1992-93.

Support Management contract for the U.S. Courts, Administrative Office Facilities Management, Space Planning, and Planning requires long-range planning, space planning, cost estimation, construction document review and design management in addition to recommending reorganizing Facilities Management Systems. Washington, D.C. 1990 -1992.

Prospectus Development Study for the Patent and Trademark Office: The effort involved programming and planning 3,000,000 sq.ft. of space for 10,000 people with responsibilities for cost estimation by design directives and the creation of implementation strategies. Washington, D.C. 1990.

Design Development of The Challenger Center, a privately funded space exploration education, exhibit and foundation headquarters in joint venture with CRSS. Washington, D.C. 1990.

Design and Contract Documents for the renovation and addition to Herndon H.S. (300,000 sq.ft., 2,000 students),Herndon, Va. 1989.

Day Care Centers: Quality Assurance (QA) and Contract Documents for the CIA’s Day Care Facility, QA for two Social Security Administration Centers. Also, Design for a 27,000 sq.ft. Day Care Center in No. Virginia. Full Services for Schering Day Care Center, Union NJ.

Design Services: dar al-Islam, Abiquiu, NM by Hassan Fathy, 1985.
Feasibility Study, Investigate redesign alternatives for a Historic Dormitory/Classroom Building built in 1908 for St.

Thomas's Seminary, Denver, Co., 1983
Engineering/Architecture for energy use computer simulation of the renovation of Kepner Hall (Business College),

University of Northern Colorado, 1982
Energy Conservation Studies to recommend modifications to the State of Colorado for State-owned buildings including Schools and Hospitals from Durango to La Junta. 1979.

International Residences, Austin, TX, 2004
Site and Building Rehabilitation, Seven Springs Village, College Park, Md., 1987

Real Estate

Action Plans, Lam Research Building, and the Lottery Commission, Austin, TX. 1995 - 96.

Due Diligence Reports (2), JMB Properties Co., Harrisburg, Pa. & Wash., D.C., 1991 & 1990

11/30/2004 4
Tenant Finish & Retail/Restaurant (recent)

Sante Fe Grill: Fast Food Court – South Park Mall, San Antonio, Texas, 2004.

B.D. Riley’s Irish Pub: 204 Sixth Street, 3900 sq.ft., Austin, TX. 2000. Design and construction management support for renovating a historic building with a Bar and Dining area designed and constructed in Dublin, Ireland. Entirely new kitchen provided with a substantial upgrade to Mechanical, Electrical, & Plumbing systems.

Bauer & Allbright: Accountants Offices, La Grange, Texas, 1999-2000.

China Buffet: Alamo Hills Plaza, 6000 sq.ft., San Antonio, TX. 1999

Harper’s Restaurant: Alamo Hills Plaza, 3000 sq.ft., San Antonio, TX. 1999

Celestial Jewelry: Alamo Hills Plaza, 1600 sq.ft., San Antonio, TX. 1999

Purely Physical – Fitness Center: Alamo Hills Plaza, 10000 sq.ft., San Antonio, TX. 1998

Southwest Winners Foundation: Alamo Hills Plaza, 6000 sq.ft., San Antonio, TX. 1998

BBQ: Wells Branch Plaza, Austin, TX, 1997

Oakwood Homes: Lam Research Building, 14000 sq.ft., Austin, TX. 1996

ITP Systems: Lam Research Building, 5000 sq.ft., Austin, TX. 1996

Renovations and Additions - Commercial/Institutional

Southwest Winners Foundation, Alternative Schools, Austin Hwy. & Hope Church Sites, San Antonio Tx, 1999-2002.

Lam Research Building, Austin, TX. : Planning, Design and Construction management of core and shell, life safety, outside air system and tenant space planning improvements Texas Life Insurance Building, Waco, TX. : Planning, Design and Construction management of core and shell, mechanical, and outside air system improvements with Robert Pharr & Assoc. 1995-97.

Ft. Sam Houston, Multimedia - Interactive Classrooms and Amphitheater with Video Conferencing. 1994-95
Security Upgrades, design development and contract documents for the buildings at the Embassy in Canberra, Australia, and the Consulates in Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne Australia. 1987-88

Design development and contract documents for facade and lobby renovations of the 10 story Metropolitan Building, Silver Spring, Md., 1986

Create corporate offices and sales facilities by renovating an existing 12,000 sq.ft. Warehouse for the Robinson Brick Co., Denver, Co., 1985

Design development/Contract Documents for the Colorado National Bank Plaza. Denver, Co., 1979

Commercial - Retail and Office

Olive Tree Business Park: Dallas, Texas 1999 - 2001. Three 14,000 sq.ft. Office Warehouse buildings with master planning, design, construction and site development improvement responsibilities.

Alamo Hills Shopping Center, San Antonio TX.: Planning, Design & Construction Management of core and shell and tenant space planning improvements with Robert Pharr & Associates 1997-99.

Wells Branch Plaza Fascia and Soffit Repairs with Robert Pharr & Assoc., Austin TX. 1997.

U.S. Postal Service, “Stores of the Future”, Design Consultation and Review. Several Facilities Designed nationwide and many more reviewed. 1992 - 93.

Design and Contract Documents for two "Drug Emporium's, adding 19,000 and 24,000 sq. ft. to two existing strip centers. 1990.

Schematic Design/Contract Documents of Greenbriar Shopping Center (300,000 sq.ft.) and White Flint Plaza (150,000 sq.ft.). 1989-1990.

Schematic Design and Cost Estimate of United Airlines Flight Kitchen, Dulles Airport, 1989

Design and contract documents for Prism Construction Offices and Warehouse with capability for future second floor on the office building. 1986-87

"Tivoli Gallery" and "Firecrackers", Two Stores for Retail Shopping Malls, Denver, Co., 1985

Programming, Master Planning, Design and Contract Documents for Robinson Brick Company Office, Warehouse, and

Display Area on a 40 acre site, 1983-85

Contract Documents for 1515 Walnut Office Building (18,000 sq.ft. 3 story) Boulder, Co., 1983

Design, SERAPH Building, SERI Test Facility, Golden, Co. 1980

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Hillman Residence, Lakeway, Texas, 2004.

Van Gelder Artist Studio & Garage, Austin Texas, 2000-2001.

Van Bavel, Residence, Llano, Texas, 2000.

Du Castel Residential Addition & Remodel, Austin, Texas. 1999-2001

Casseb Residential Addition & Remodel, Austin, Texas. 1999-2000

Albanes Residential Addition & Remodel, Chevy Chase & Frederick, Maryland. 1999-2001

Grulke Residence, Austin, Texas. 1997

Vigliano Residence, Dripping Springs, Texas. 1996/97.

Wood Residence, Wimberley Texas. 1996.

De Leon Residence, Austin, Texas. 1994.

Five (5) Passive Solar Homes: Parker, Arvada, Castle Rock, Dillon and Denver, Co.; 1980-1986

Thirty (30+) plus, Solar/Energy Conscious Design/Analysis Consultations with many builders, architects, and numerous homeowners throughout the Front Range of Colorado. 1980 - 86

Consultant to two Homeowners Associations to create and enforce Solar Design Covenants.

Renovations and Additions – Residential

Austin, Texas: Weber Addition, Round Rock, Texas, 2004, duCastel – Addition & Remodel & Garage, 1999-2001.

Casseb Addition & Remodel, 1999-2000. Janss Addition & Remodel. 1998-2000. Luther Addition & Remodel, Wimberley, Texas. 1998. Gregory Addition & Remodel, 1997.

Design, Contract Documents, and Construction Observation of several renovations of Private Residences and Townhouses Bethesda, Chevy Chase and Potomac, Md. and Dupont Circle, Wash., D.C., 1986 - 1996.

Contract documents to renovate the Bigelow House (National Historic Register) Longmont, Co. 1983

Ten (10) energy conscious addition/remodels of homes along the Front Range and throughout Colorado with budgets between $50,000 and $160,000. 1980 - 86

Sustainable Design and Energy Conservation Studies

Energy Conservation Retrofit of the Texas Life Building, Waco, TX. with Robert Pharr and Associates.

Role: Architect of Record, Outside Air Intake, Lighting Retrofit, and VAV Conversion 1995-96.

Energy Performance Studies: using TRACE (and ASEAM) design and retrofit opportunities analyzed for Addison TX.

Recreation Center, Television Center, Los Angeles, CA., Texas Life Building, Waco, TX. and Lam Building, Austin, TX. 1995 - 96.

Sustainable Design Integration with the Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems for Apple Computer and HOK, Austin, TX. and the State of Texas, General Services Commission, New State Office Building, Austin, TX. 1993.

Comprehensive Community Energy Management Plan for the City of Boulder Commercial and Industrial Sectors achieved by personally conducting 46 energy audits. 1979-80.

Self-Help Energy Audit Workbook with Technical Reports implementing the system for Department Stores, Nursing Homes, and Apartment Buildings. 1977-79

Data Collection and Evaluation for the development of the National Building Energy Performance Standards for the Dept. of Energy. 1977

Expanded Outline for a Manual of Practice for the Design of Solar Heated and Cooled Buildings for the Dept. of Housing and Urban Development. 1976-77.

Technical review and descriptive summary for the first cycle of the Dept. of Housing and Urban Development's Solar Residential Demonstration Program. 1976

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